Membranas Ultrafiltração

Confira - Membranas Ultrafiltração

Outside - in hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes

Q-SEP® outside-in hollow fiber ultrafiltration modules contain PVDF membranes manufactured with QUA’s innovative modified thermally-induced phase separation (TIPS) method. The membrane has high mechanical strength, high chemical and chlorine tolerance, and the ability to handle high feed turbidity for a wide range of applications.

Q-SEP® outside-in UF membranes are made of modified hydrophilic polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) material that offers high fiber strength and chemical resistance, resulting in higher membrane productivity. These hollow fiber membranes operate under a low transmembrane pressure in an outside-in flow configuration for superior performance. Applications of Q-SEP® UF include pretreatment to RO systems (brackish and seawater applications), purification of surface and well water for potable applications, filtration of industrial water, and wastewater recycle and reuse.

Q-SEP® modules deliver superior performance characteristics and product water quality that surpass the quality from conventional UF modules. This Q-SEP module provides a key advantage - the ability to operate with a one-pump system with no separate backwash pump or tank needed. This allows for lower equipment costs, lower risk of fiber leakage, and easier operation than other UF systems.

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